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Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

The main aim of most pre-paid funeral plans is to fix the cost of a future funeral at today's prices, the cost of a funeral is increasing at a surprising rate, by protecting you and your family you can eliminate any uncertainty or indecision regarding what your preferred funeral arrangements should be.

What is covered?

The cost of the funeral is dependent upon the Pre-Paid funeral plan chosen, plus any third party costs. which include fees for cremation or burial, most plans include a £800-£1200 disbursement allowance towards third party costs. Again this is dependent upon the plan chosen, of course there are pre-paid Funeral plans in place where there are no added third party costs these can work out cheaper to purchase, provided the purchaser is fully aware that will need to meet the extra costs as they arise.

Might there be more to pay at the time of the funeral?

We make every endeavour to make sure that the funeral directors costs are met, when you purchase a fully loaded pre-paid funeral plan, however it does depend upon the plan you take out at the time. However majority of our plans will cover

  • The funeral director's services
  • Advice on the certification and registration of the death and related documentation
  • The coffin
  • Providing transportation of the deceased to a suitable resting place within a 20 mile radius
  • Care of the deceased prior to burial or cremation
  • Use of a chapel of rest or service rooms (depending upon the plan chosen)
  • A hearse to a local cemetery or crematorium
  • Confidential assistance with bereavement counselling, if required