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Garnai Davis partners (Ltd) is working in association with many of the UK’s established Pre-Paid Funeral Plan providers, we are delighted to offer several of their cost effective and flexible pre- paid funeral plans. At Garnai Davis Partners (Ltd). We realised very quickly that in any typical year, a lot of people struggled to meet the expenses of the average funeral.

So, with the average cost of a funeral rising, in fact funerals rose by a staggering 80 per cent between the years 2004 and 2013 and the costs of dying in the UK; has and is expected to continue to rise over the next two to five years! On average, the price of a current typical funeral in the UK, including non-discretionary fees for either a burial or a cremation, was £3,595 in Jan 2014.

The latest figure on the rising costs of a Funeral in 2017

According to the Sun Life latest report on the Cost of Dying Report 2017, The average funeral costs in the UK have now risen from £1,920 in 2004, to £4,078* in 2017, that is a whopping great increase of 112%.

Imagine if your savings was to grow by that much! The Report also goes on to suggest, that by 2022, the average funeral costs will be £4,944, This is the average.

Currently, you can still get a great funeral plan in place through us at just £3,595 – a full £483 less than the average sum paid for a funeral in 2017.

Sun Life has calculated the average funeral costs by using a combination of the average cost of a cremation and of course burials; when they looked at the average cost of a funeral which was for burials in 2017 the average was £4,561, and then taking the average cost for a cremation in 2017 was £3,596. Bearing in mind that this was the average it will differ from region to region and will also differ according to your personal preferences.

The rising average cost of funerals in the UK…

  • 2004 £1,920
  • 2007 £2,390
  • 2010 £2,857
  • 2013 £3,456
  • 2017 £4,078
  • 2018 £4,260
  • 2020 £4,602
  • 2022 £4,944

*Figures taken from the Sun Life Cost of Dying Report 2017

With a good pre-paid funeral plan, you can be sure to be prepared in advance for life's final event whilst protecting your family from rising funeral cost of future funeral expenses. By sorting out a funeral plan now, you have the choice of paying for your funeral plan in full or at a fixed monthly price. Many people have underestimated the costs of a funeral and have gone into debt trying to pay for it because a savings or an insurance policy was taken out, so time ago and now may not have covered the costs. By acquiring a guaranteed acceptance funeral plan, there will be no need to go into debt or force loved ones to do so. With a good funeral plan there is always the GUARANTEES that no matter however long you live, and no matter how expensive a funeral becomes when you pass away, there will always be sufficient funds to cover all the funeral director’s fees and funeral services.