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Payment Options

Single payments

  • Single payment can be made by a transfer, debit/ credit card or cheque.
  • There are no health checks. Plus, you have the security that the pre-paid funeral plan that you have purchased, your funds are held hold securely in a Trust Fund.
  • Some Pre-paid funeral plans that are provided by our providers have no age restrictions.

Flexible 12 -120 monthly instalments

  • You can start a plan with a payment option from 12-120 months payments are collected by direct debit.
  • With all the funeral plans that our providers supply there are, no health checks to worry about, all funds are deposited in a secure Trust Fund.
  • Some Pre-paid funeral plans provided by our provider have no age restrictions.

Or you Pay by Fixed monthly payments*

  • The Fixed monthly payments plan option, is superb way to pay for a plan because the contributions never increase once entered.
  • No deposit is required or health checks.
  • There is a rebate promise in place dependent upon the funeral plan entered
  • This plan is available to people aged between 50 and 75.

If you are paying contributions into your plan by the fixed monthly payments option. It is conceivable (this is completely dependent on your life longevity) that you may contribute more money into a plan than it would pay out. Especially when carrying out your funeral service that you require on your passing. One of our providers has a unique way of dealing with this problem. Due their funeral plan’s unique overpayment rebate element, so if the sum of money in total is paid out for the service needed is more than the complete total funeral service completed, then your estate will be eligible to receive a rebate of a percentage of this amount.

Dependent upon the plan chosen, the age of the policy holder when the plan was taken out a rebate of up to 100% of the overpayments can be returned to the estate.