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“A Pre-Paid funeral plan is a majestic way to inflation proof yourself and your next of kin against the rising costs of a future funeral”

In doing this, you will be able enjoy total peace of mind and of course the key benefits; when purchasing a funeral plan. Removing a lot of the load and of course much of the financial worry from your loved ones at a time which is normally very stressful and painful period in their lives. Making sure that a funeral plan is purchased today, empowers you to lock in the cost of your funeral at current prices, clearing you to instruct your loved ones on the type of funeral you would wish for.

Why are funeral plans important?

Getting a Pre-paid funeral plan is the best possible outcome when aiming to put what matters to you. In conclusion, everyone will make diverse types choices when it comes to the very nature of the end life service they would like to have, obviously there are plentiful ways that people will want to finance these types of services. These decisions are undoubtedly dependent upon the ability and strength of the financial situation, but is often based upon the persons own personal taste, current circumstances.

Allowing you to protect yourself from constant inflationary rises in funeral costs.

So, what is the 1st step in the process to getting a high-quality funeral plan?

  • Fill out the form on the home page with your details
  • One of our advisors will then get in touch with you to help you get your plan started
  • That’s it. (No medical history or health checks required)

That’s why it’s called a guaranteed acceptance funeral plan